This is what our customers think

We constantly measure the satisfaction of our customers. We do this with a weekly questionnaire that we send to all customers for which we have completed our work.

The question, ‘Are you satisfied with the performance of our company?’ was answered positively in no less than 76% of cases, 17% gave a neutral answer and 7% said they were not (or not entirely) satisfied.

The questionnaire also asked for extra information on the answer given, and whether the respondent could indicate where improvements could be made. We analysed all the answers, discussed them in-house and used them to help optimise our services. Shown below are a number of quotes from our customers, taken from polls over the past six months.


Verdoorn, De Vries en Verburg B.V.
“A structure is something you build together, and that means finding solutions together, too.”

Kees Booij, RvB Infra Harderwijk B.V.
“Everything went according to plan. Communication was good. Our client was also satisfied with the work on site.”

M. van der Veer, Bouwbedrijf M. van der Veer
“Short lead time from the start of project to the actual work, great people to work with, and they left behind a pristine building site.”

Frank Stavenuiter, Loos Betonvloeren
“Not the average building pit, yet they did all they could to get the job done.”

Lennard Vliet, Vink Bouw B.V. 
The work went well, but in the 2nd block there were some discrepancies in pile positioning.”

Cees Zwets, Zwets Industrievloeren B.V.
“Everything went to schedule; the whole process from the offer to completion of the work was carried out very professionally and we got your report in good time.”

G. de Groot, Bouwbedrijf Niersman B.V.
“Went well. Good supervision of the work. A world of difference compared with our previous contractor.”

Iwan van Zoomeren,
“There’s only one word for them: stars.”

Klaas de Boer, De Boer Bouw & Ontwikkeling B.V.
“Went well. The process as a whole was very formal, with a lot of different people for such a small-scale project.”

Robbie van de Sande, Bloxbouw
“Everything as per agreements and decent people on site, who were good to work with.”

Martin, U-Build
“From the offer to the work itself, including negotiations on the foundations, everything went well. Bring on the next project!”

Peter van Mil, Aannemingsbedrijf van Mil
“Nice equipment, and the piles were put in professionally. One point that could be improved on is studying the drawings more carefully at the offer stage. As several piles were planned too close to adjacent structures, steel piles had to be used instead. That was a major contract variation which hiked the price up, leading to tension with the client.

Roelof van der Haar, Dons en Troost Staphorst
“Pleasant negotiations.”

Thomas Mangelaars, B.B. Vrolijk
“Tidy work.”

Danny van Overloop, H4A
“Went well and ran to schedule.”

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