Dimensioning Service

Accurate measurement prevents unnecessary discussion: both before and after. For example, regarding the use of stakes, setting out the pile plan, execution of the pile driving, or the latest update in the drawings. The executing construction company also knows from the outset what Vroom is responsible for. If desired, Vroom can advise on measurement as early as the quotation stage, improving project progress.

Our Measurement Service

Vroom Measurement Service first proved its worth in the measurement of projects where Vroom Funderingstechnieken installs the foundation piles and provides and mounts the additional (prefab) foundation structure.

Vroom Measurement Service offers three options:

Measurement in combination with pile driving
Measurement in combination with a prefab foundation
Measurement in combination with pile driving and a prefab foundation
The various options are explained in more detail

Measurement of Pile Driving

The combination of ‘measurement and pile driving’ is an optimal start to your construction project; whether it’s new construction, renovation, extension, or foundation repair. The surveyor from Vroom Measurement Service is part of the construction team and ensures that the measurement, based on the current situation and drawings, is prepared and executed accurately and in close consultation with the client.

Measurement of the Prefab Foundation

The combination of ‘measurement and prefab foundation’ offers various options. The most common combination focuses on the use of prefab foundation beams. In prefab foundation beams, anchor groups can be placed during production. In the concrete factory, anchor groups are positioned to the millimeter in the mold. This results in time savings and perfect dimensional accuracy at the construction site. On-site, the prefab foundation beams are set to the anchor size under the guidance of our surveyor.

Measurement of Pile Driving and the Prefab Foundation

The combination of ‘measurement, pile driving, and a prefab foundation’ has the major advantage that Vroom is the sole party responsible for the correct measurement in this first and important phase of the construction process. In a total package, Vroom can start with the measurement of the groundwork and end at the level of the ground floor or the floor above. Floor plates, grid lines, and corner points of shell constructions can also be set out. The measurement of the pile driving is carried out in phases in quantities that Vroom deems responsible. This depends on the pile plan and the quality of the construction pit.

What We Do

Vroom Measurement Service specializes in measuring municipal points, existing buildings, and piles (creating ‘as-built’ drawings and reports). We also handle the setting out of earthworks, stakes, grids, foundation beams and piers, anchor groups, and embedment provisions. Vroom Measurement Service is also deployable for marking the cut-off height of pile heads and the measurement of basements, walls, shell constructions, and floor slabs. For special projects, continuous measurement is possible.

Of Course

  • Our measurement is ISO 9001 certified
  • In case of pile deviations, Vroom’s constructor immediately consults with the main constructor to discuss the deviation and offer the best solution
  • Vroom is responsible for the quality of the measurement
  • Pickets/stakes have sufficient length and are tailored to the ground conditions of the construction pit
  • Pickets/stakes are reused as much as possible in the interest of sustainable construction

Standard Package

The standard package consists of three parts:


  • Base points (municipal points) and creating the foundation
  • Pile deviations relative to the set-out position; these deviations are mapped on a measurement drawing

Setting Out:

  • Earthworks
  • Piles based on the pile plan: plumb or inclined
  • The cut-off height for trimming and clearing (Z-axis)
  • Prefab or traditional foundation, storage floors, and garage floors
  • Industrial floors with drainage channels and other embedment provisions
  • Anchor groups and other embedment provisions
  • Prefab floor elements
  • Grid lines on the foundation and/or floor or on the construction frame
  • Wall elements

The ‘As-Built’ Revision Drawings:

These are part of the standard package.

Extra Options

The standard package can be expanded with several extra options, for example:

  • Mapping and measuring the existing situation and adjacent or surrounding buildings. The measurement results can be used for positioning the new construction
  • Measuring the height dimensions (Z-axis) to, for example, determine the height of the ground floor relative to the existing ground level. This is important for setting out the foundation and positioning the floors and walls in a basement
  • Measuring with stakes the contours of the foundation, intermediate grids, and piers. You can indicate whether Vroom should base this on the concrete size or the outside of the formwork
  • Measuring the floor contours for cast-in-place floors, including details such as drainage channels
  • Setting out the contours of prefab floor elements on top of the foundation. It immediately shows where the fitting plates are, speeding up the assembly of the prefab floor elements
  • Measuring a traditional shell construction using lines on the floors. For a prefab shell, wooden blocks are used.
  • The control and documentation of measurement results during assembly.
Dimensioning Service
Dimensioning Service
Dimensioning Service
Dimensioning Service
Dimensioning Service
Dimensioning Service
Dimensioning Service
Dimensioning Service

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