Precast walls

In combination with precast foundation elements, we supply and install precast walls. The program includes not only stability walls but also solid architectural walls, in which patterns can also be cast into the concrete surface. It is also possible to execute the walls in colored concrete.


  • Housing construction
  • Apartments
  • Utility construction

As we produce the walls in adjustable molds, we are not limited to standard dimensions. The walls are made of solid concrete and are cast with self-compacting concrete (SCC).

Precast walls
Precast walls
Precast walls
Precast walls

Technical data


All walls are produced to custom specifications.

Concrete Quality

Minimum C40/50 XC3 F4.

Steel Quality

Meshes B500A, bars B500B.


In accordance with NEN2889.

Integration and Pouring Provisions

  • Wall sockets
  • PVC conduits
  • DEMU anchors
  • Dowel anchors
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