Policy Statement

HSE practices are the standard within Vroom. All employees (permanent, temporary, and hired) are therefore expected to work safely, healthily, and environmentally responsibly, both in word and deed.

Policy regarding safety, health, and environment (HSE)

The HSE policy is part of the overall corporate policy and is specifically aimed at continuously improving working conditions, reducing absenteeism or employee dropout, and preventing the depletion of natural resources.

To achieve these improvements and reductions, Vroom is continuously and actively working to prevent personal injury and material and environmental damage. In addition, Vroom strives to counteract discrimination, sexual harassment, aggression and violence, bullying, and work pressure at the source, within the context of psychosocial workload (PSA).

The tools and means that Vroom employs for this purpose include; proper working conditions and the right work equipment, appropriate training and instruction, personal guidance (for example, in case of illness or reintegration) of employees, applying innovative developments in the field of HSE, and the use of a quality management system (HSE dashboard).

Policy regarding quality

The basic condition within Vroom is to always provide the best and highest quality regarding all services and products delivered by Vroom.

By, among other things, listening carefully to the demands, needs, and expectations of customers, using a quality management system (HSE dashboard), applying semi-finished products manufactured under certification (KOMO certificate or equivalent), and monitoring failure costs, Vroom endeavors to meet this basic condition.


This policy statement:

  • Is prepared for all companies operating under Vroom Holding (hereinafter referred to as; Vroom);
  • Is published on the intranet, included as an annex in HSE information and instruction and is freely available to all stakeholders;
  • Is updated at least once every three years or sooner if there is a reason to do so, following an incident, accident, or otherwise that affects the content and currency of this policy statement.

The Policy Statement can be downloaded here.

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