Precast pits

In combination with precast foundation beams, we install pits, which are precast and therefore guaranteed waterproof. Commonly used in apartment buildings and multi-story utility constructions. Delivered just-in-time and assembled with a telescopic crane, connected on-site to the pile foundations to prevent floating.


  • Apartments
  • Utility construction

The walls of the precast pit can be equipped with recesses so that the precast foundation beams can connect to them. At the top, protruding dowels can be provided so that the pit can be connected to the floor. Since the pits are made under controlled conditions in the factory, there is a consistently high quality. Delivered ready-made to the construction site, achieving a high construction speed.

Precast pits
Precast pits
Precast pits
Precast pits

Technical data


All precast lift shaft pits are produced to custom specifications.

Concrete Quality

Minimum C40/50 XC3 F4.

Steel Quality

Meshes B500A, bars B500B.


In accordance with NEN2889.

Integration and Pouring Provisions

  • PVC conduits
  • DEMU anchors
  • Dowel anchors
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