What our customers think

Since 2019, we have been systematically measuring the satisfaction of our clients. We do this through a weekly survey sent to all clients for whom work has recently been completed.

The question “Are you satisfied with the performance of our company?” has been answered positively in 82% of cases, 14% responded neutrally, and 4% indicated they were not (completely) satisfied.

The survey also asks for an explanation of the given answer and whether the respondent could identify any potential areas for improvement. All responses are analyzed, discussed internally, and considered in the further optimization of our service and the execution of our operations. Below are a few quotes from our clients in the surveys from the last quarter.


Eddie van Olst, Prins Bouw
“The handling of our inquiries and requests from the quote request stage was prompt and effective.”

Robert Wegdam, Janssen de Jong Bouw Noord
“The agreements were neatly adhered to, and when problems arose, the response was swift.”

Jordy van Rooijen, H4A
“I am very satisfied with the communication and the quality that was delivered!”

Swen Arendse, De Vries en Verburg
“The piling work itself went well. The start date could be communicated better. This was also partly disrupted by a broken scaffold being delivered. As a result, we were significantly delayed in our schedule. My advice for improvement: check whether the scaffold is still operational before transport, especially if it has been stationary for a while.”

Loek Gerekens, Bouwbedrijf DBG
“Everything went smoothly.”

Jan-Wim Verhoeff, Franki Grondtechnieken BV
“Pleasant collaboration. Daily provision of pile reports could be improved.”

Erik Iterson, Aannemersbedrijf Henk van Iterson BV
“Neatly on time, and a deal is a deal.”

Aad van Keulen, DVPP BV
“Executed well and on time.”

Ildar Vleugels, Stevacon Bouw BV
“Smooth progress during execution and quality as agreed. A number of points of attention/problems were raised during the preliminary discussion on the operations. Having addressed all of these before the execution, the executing party indicated that this was largely unnecessary.”

Erik Beltman, PHB
“Great guys to work with.”

Ben Vermeer, Dura Vermeer Bouw Midden West
“Agreements made are also kept. The operations that Vroom carries out (driving piles and mounting prefab foundations) are well-managed.”

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