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Since 2019, we have been systematically measuring customer satisfaction. We do this with a weekly survey sent to all customers whose work has been recently completed.

The question “Are you satisfied with the performance of our company?” has been answered positively 79% of the time, 17% responded neutrally, and 4% indicated they were not (entirely) satisfied.

The survey also asks for an explanation of the given answer and whether the respondent can indicate any areas for improvement. All answers are analyzed, discussed internally, and taken into account in further optimizing our services and the execution of our work. Below are some quotes from our customers in the measurements of the past quarter.


Stefan Harks, Huybregts-Relou
“Good foreman who also arranged the aftercare well. Nice teams to work with and good communication. One point for improvement next time: the team of tower T2 had to set the stakes three times due to the loader knocking them over. At tower T4, we only had to set the stakes once, so it was the loader operator.”

Douwe Walta, Haafkes Deventer
“It was a shame that your engineer came into action late. Further, good cooperation with the work preparation, where there was the possibility to push the work back a few weeks because of your cooperation. It was unfortunate that your machine broke down and had to be repaired, but this happens. It was also unfortunate that you did not indicate the reduced work initially. Communication went smoothly, and the price/quality ratio is satisfactory to good.”

Johan Löwik, Van Wijnen
“Generally went well. If there is a defect in the installation, do not make a makeshift repair when the correct parts arrive the next day. The risk of error is too great and does not outweigh a few hours of stagnation, in my opinion.”

Arthur Straathof, Heembouw
“Top performance. Improvement point: next time, check the plugs properly.”

Erik van Leeuwen, Van Baaren Aannemers
“Good staff, adhered to the schedule, cleaned up nicely. Improvement point: communicate the delivery date clearly in advance.”

Gert-Jan Klop, GKB Realisatie B.V.
“Everything from the beginning to the end of the work went well, including the coordination outside. People knew what to do and came prepared. Faster delivery of delivery notes is an area of attention.”

Lennard Schilt, Van Baaren Aannemers
“Thought along well in the preliminary stage, and with an in-house engineer, it was quick to respond and achieve an optimal result. Also, during the execution, experienced people who kept their agreements and met the schedule.”

Jan Bos, Groothuis Bouwgroep
“Simply excellent, top-notch machine operator!”

Gerald Geerdink, Dura Vermeer Bouw Hengelo
“Good communication during preparation and execution. Work carried out according to schedule.”

E. Maassen, Van der Grift en Valkenburg Onderhoud BV
“Executed according to schedule. For this specific project, the piles were to be cut to a fixed height above the floor, which was the premise. This was not done everywhere, causing more work for the steel supplier. Perhaps a point of attention to mention in such situations.”

Ron van Houten, ABB Bouw
“Nice team to work with. Project leader Fred is also a very nice person to work with.”

Jan v.d. Zwet, Heembouw
“Good consultation with the foremen. Improvement point: stick to the schedule, even if machines break down.”

J.J. Walsma, Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed
“Neat execution. Good feedback. The specified heights could sometimes be better adhered to. The setup time of the machine was unknown to us and took longer than expected.”

Marco Wenting, Aannemingsbedrijf Tonnie Jansen BV
“Everything was discussed well in advance and executed as such.”

Bonno Roelofsen, Roelofsen Bouwbedrijf
“Friendly, work neatly, good communication.”

Nick Duivenvoorden
“I find that some points are made very difficult in advance, which are thought of very differently in practice. Also, the quality of the construction left behind is not neat.”

Nils Pronk, HSB Bouw
“For improvement: start according to agreement.”

Johan Koenis, Henselmans
“Good communication, fast delivery, quick to respond. For improvement: handover of measurements to one contact person.”

Adam Tkacz, DHQ Bouw BV
“Despite unforeseen setbacks, the work was completed on time! Worked well together and helped each other.”

Karel Breedveld, Heembouw Wonen B.V.
“We know what to expect from Vroom. The prefab foundation piles and prefab foundations are a great concept. You always deliver solid work in this. Unfortunately, this time the piles were driven too long. We should have been informed about this earlier. Also, there were many height errors in the prefab foundations. More control over the work was needed.”

Perry Sack, Bam Wonen
“Ahead of schedule and doing what we agreed on. In terms of safety, I sometimes missed a helmet.”

Rob van Beek, DHQ Bouw BV
“We had the guidance needed to get the green light for the pile driving work. The municipality was and is quite difficult. However, thanks to you and your safety officer, we managed. During the execution, we did what was necessary and safe. Thanks for that.”

“During preparation, very formal, but it’s the result that matters, and that was good.”

R. van der Stege, Bouwbedrijf Van der Gragt
“The collaboration is of good quality, both with the project management and the workers on the site.”

Lennart van Hoevelaak, Cordeel Nederland BV
“Pleasant quotation process. Good communication. Engineering also went smoothly. Execution went well.”

Gijs Dekker, Henselmans Bouw & Ontwikkeling
“The process went well!”

Loy Winkelmolen, Jongen
“Years of good contact with Frits Verhoeven. Works run smoothly and according to schedule.”

Dennis Stallen, Caspar de Haan
“Clear and fast communication and skilled professionals who think along. I have no real points for improvement. If I need pile driving or drilling piles again in the future, I will definitely contact you.”

Björn de Bruijn, Cordeel Nederland BV
“Communication was good and transparent in all phases of the collaboration. Improvement point: better estimate the start time and duration of the work in advance. Unfortunately, we experienced significant delays because of this.”

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