Vroom headquarters made more sustainable

We are delighted to share that Vroom Funderingstechnieken continues to take significant steps towards sustainability. This time, we focus on our headquarters in Oosthuizen.

For Vroom, investing in and keeping up with developments regarding ‘clean’ engines and reducing (diesel) emissions is nothing new. Since the implementation of the TIER (US) and EU Stage regulations for diesel engines, these standards have always been adhered to. Over the years, significant investments have been made in acquiring new equipment that always meets the latest technological standards. But we do not only invest in the sustainability of our equipment; we also invest in a more sustainable world on other fronts.

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Vroom headquarters made more sustainable
Vroom headquarters made more sustainable
Vroom headquarters made more sustainable

Solar panels

Our headquarters is now equipped with solar panels, allowing us to generate our own green energy, resulting in a better ecological footprint.

High-performance glass

We have replaced all our windows with new high-performance glass. This means better insulation, reduced energy consumption and a more comfortable working environment for our team.

Roof insulation

Additionally, we have replaced the roof insulation, contributing to a significant improvement in the energy efficiency of our building. This ensures better heat retention and further reduction in our energy consumption.

High-efficiency++ boilers

We have also replaced our central heating system with high-efficiency++ boilers. This greatly enhances the efficiency of our heating and reduces our gas consumption.

Clean and fresh

And as if that wasn’t enough, we have had our headquarters thoroughly cleaned. The result? A fresh, clean and sparkling office where we enjoy working!

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