This is what our customers think

We constantly measure the satisfaction of our customers. We do this with a weekly questionnaire that we send to all customers for which we have completed our work.

And we have performed better over the last quarter yet again. The question, ‘Are you satisfied with the performance of our company?’ was answered positively in no less than 81% of cases, 18% gave a neutral answer and 1% said they were not (or not entirely) satisfied.

The questionnaire also asked for extra information on the answer given, and whether the respondent could indicate where improvements could be made, if applicable. We analysed all the answers, discussed them in-house and used them to help optimise our services. Shown below are a number of quotes from our customers, taken from polls over the past quarter.


Johan Jaspers, BVR Bouw
“Professional and well organised. Keep up the good work!”

Tim de Leeuw, Dura Vermeer Bouw Midden West
“I don’t have a bad word to say about the work.” 

Frank te Brake, GMB BioEnergie B.V.
“Flexible, even when we suddenly had to make extra purchases.  Design ready in good time. Friendly people on the building site. Please keep talking to us about how the design is progressing. Given the urgency of the project, it’s best if we know how things stand.” 

Jeffrey van Kaam, BAM Wonen
“Enjoyed working with the Vroom staff (Lars and Dick). Processing documents in SharePoint and BIM360 still needs some fine tuning.”

Bart Lievaart, Ballast Nedam West
“Commitments honoured. But make sure that we all agree on the right starting points in advance.”

Milco Timmermans, ToekomstGroep
“No complaints about delivery of scaffolding. Pile driving completed on-budget.”

Roy Jacobs, Van der Gragt
“Great partnership. Vroom’s people were dedicated, clear in their communications and punctual. As an example of something that could be improved, I’d suggest preparation and communication. It’s fine as it is, but there’s room for improvement.”

Berry Bezuijen, BAM
“Everything went according to plan.”

Arjan Louwerse, H4A Windenergie
“Real craftsmen, both on site and in the supporting project management! I’ve said it before: the only thing they can improve on is the biscuits they serve with the coffee ;).”

Sander Heijs, De Kok Bouwgroep
“Great team to work with, they keep their promises.”

G.J. Bruinink, Van Wijnen
“Good collaboration in terms of both the work and the on-site personnel. Point for improvement: involve more work and personnel from outside in projects. That’s one way to avoid contract variations.”

Rini Rams, Dura Vermeer Bouw Zuid West
“Perfect from start to finish. Good communications and great guys to work with. At any rate. Just make sure that the lads get the drawings on time.”

Max Ras, Cordeel
“No problems. Point for attention: send equipment that has been checked over and is ready for use with the type of tube piles in use to limit delays.”

Jos van Stiphout, Bam Wonen Concept
“It was great working with Frits Verhoeven and his team. Point for improvement: The same person manning the drilling rig at all times, to prevent discrepancies between piles.”

Wesley Heezen, Rendon Voorburg
“They kept their promises.”

Johan Koenis, Henselmans
“Height dimension wasn’t applied properly. BNR of block 2 were mirrored on the delivery note for the beams. Otherwise, good collaboration that kept to the planning schedule.”

Harm Meesters, Jorritsma Bouw
“Everything went according to plan, working with the staff was great.”

Robert van Voorene, Hillen en Roossen
“The work itself and the time it took went better than expected.”

Peet van Putten, BVR Bouw
“Everything went according to plan and on schedule, but it could always be quicker.”

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