Superfast 5D combo

More or less in the backyard of Hecon, a new corporate building is built under the authority of Peereboom Touringcars. The 5D construction concept guarantees a short construction period and the process can be followed on the webcam. Early May, Vroom has inserted the foundation piles and mounted the foundation beams. Completion is scheduled for this year’s summer.

For this project, Vroom took care of the dimensioning process, prefab concrete piles and foundation construction (prefab foundation beams). The corporate building consists of an office, maintenance area, storage area and washing area. It is located on the Vredemaker industrial zone in De Goorn. The project measures a total surface of 1,150 m2: 800m2 for the hall and 350m2 for the offices divided over two floors. For over 100 years, Peereboom has been a trusted partner for renting touring cars.

The new building will be built with light concrete elements. Light concrete is perfect for construction.

Building superfast

The prefab concrete body will be applied for the office which is beneficial for the construction speed.

In week 19, Vroom Betonbouw started the dimensioning process of the piling activities and immediately in week 20, the piling process began. Early in week 20, the pile heads have been equipped with mortar and the rebars have been applied. In the same week, all foundation beams were connected to the anchor groups. All anchor groups and openings have been poured carefully.

The mounting process of the foundation beams was coordinated by the dimensioning service offered by Vroom making sure that every element was placed on the desired anchor position. In the same week, the mounting process was finished (poured with mortar) and completed. Directly after this, the steel construction has been applied. As Vroom uses its own dimensioning service, better tolerance levels are reached.

In case of alterations in the building plan, a fast response is possible combined with a direct check.

Prefab foundation construction

Applying prefab foundation beams results into a fast constructional methodology. As there is no rebar length necessary, 500 mm will be saved on the pile lengths.

The anchor groups will be poured in the factory resulting into an exact dimensioning process.

No hardening time applies allowing the placing process of the steel construction directly after the prefab foundation beams have been mounted.

Hecon 5A and LEAN

For the start of the project according to the Hecon 5D methodology, with the project partners a LEAN planning has been made. For Hecon 5D, Vroom Foundation Technology is the partner for the dimensioning, piling and prefab foundation application process. This approach considerably shortens the construction period and everyone knows what is expected.

Also Peereboom Touringcars uses the 5D stage plan outlined by Hecon.

Facts & Numbers

Project 48529b and 53567
Client: Peereboom Touringcars
Location: De Schrepel, Industrieterrein Vredemaker, De Goorn
Contractor: Hecon Bouwgroep BV Avenhorn
Construction: Constructiebureau Vreeken BV

Foundation activities

Prefab concrete piles
Number of piles: 104
Square: 250 mm
Pile length: around 11 -12 m
The piles have partly been driven in-depth.

Prefab foundation construction
Prefab foundation beams
350x500mm, 16 m
400x500mm, 125 m
450x500mm, 16 m
500x500mm, 36 m
3 Prefab foundation blocks 400x500mm, length 1,5 m

Vroom teams

Dimensioning activities
Youri Bol

Piling activities
Machinist Melvin Oortwijn with Johannes de Vries

Mounting team
Peter Kramer and Sietse Aland

Superfast 5D combo
Superfast 5D combo
Superfast 5D combo
Superfast 5D combo
Superfast 5D combo
Superfast 5D combo
Superfast 5D combo
De Goorn
Hecon Projectgroep
Dick Reijnders
Project Manager

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