38 residential properties, Zuiderhof

302 Piles302 Pre-fab beams

Together we’re stronger! Vroom Funderingstechnieken (Vroom Foundation Technology) is currently working on driving 302 pre-fab piles, and Vroom Betonbouw is installing the pre-fab foundation beams.

How dynamic a building site is can be seen on the photos. We are installing beams and, on the other side of the building site, the fabric of the buildings is already complete. In semi-rural Vreewijk, 131 detatched houses are being built around the former Zuiderziekenhuis: Het Zuiderhof.

Construction of the new residential estate in the suburbs of Rotterdam, with the historic Zuiderziekenhuis at its heart, has begun. The neighbourhood of Het Zuiderhof may have a laid-back village-type atmosphere, but it is definitely in an urban setting, with access to all the amenities you would expect! For instance, there are various large-scale shopping centres within walking distance, the park is just round the corner, and yet in the car you can be on the ring road within 5 minutes.

16-07-2018 to 31-08-2018
Impact Vastgoed
Dura Vermeer
Van Wilsum Van Loon
Dick Reijnders
Project Manager

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