Infoundation: digital platform for the foundation industry

Due to the increased need for information in construction, resulting from quality and sustainability requirements among other factors, there is a growing demand for standardized data processing.

On one hand, to respond to the current market more quickly and efficiently: “working smarter”; on the other hand, to be prepared for the future: using modern engineering to anticipate long-term developments where artificial intelligence and robotics will require data-driven operations.

The foundation industry is a specific, manageable sector, but with a complex (production) process. The majority of the work occurs underground, invisible to the human eye. This places high demands on risk management. It necessitates a versatile recording and exchange of information, thus offering ample opportunities for optimization.


Through exploratory discussions with industry peers and suppliers, Van ’t Hek Groep and Vroom Funderingstechnieken have paved the way for a uniform strategic direction:

  • Standardization and uniformity in data are essential for the entire chain.
  • The foundation company, as a specialist, owns the data and shares it with the rest of the chain.
  • No exclusive collaborations with equipment or software suppliers.

Simplification and efficiency
We are convinced that the complex exchange of information within the foundation industry can be simplified. Standardized data enables us to report more quickly and clearly and to exchange data among ourselves. Generating big data can, in the long term, provide predictive models for installation times and the behavior of foundation piles. Foundation companies and their partners can already analyze their internal production process and compare projects, equipment, and foundation solutions.

Industry standard
Van ’t Hek and Vroom have begun the practical implementation, resulting in the development of the Infoundation data platform. With this, we aim to create an industry standard for:

  • Reporting and sharing production data of foundation piles.
  • A uniform, company-specific database of foundation element data.
  • Standardized information exchange between foundation companies, constructors, suppliers, and equipment.

Together, we are large enough to develop an intelligent standard that can benefit the entire industry.

Stronger together
We want to do this together. To further develop and actualize our ideas, we are looking for partners who are willing to think along and join us. The foundation has been laid, but now we must continue to build. We are looking for foundation companies, constructors, suppliers, equipment manufacturers, and other stakeholders. Together, we can continue to develop the platform, use it collectively, and achieve our common goals.

Will you join us?
Contact us and discover how collaboration with and within Infoundation can advance your company and the industry. Together, we aim for the digital professionalization of the foundation industry!

Visit the Infoundation website for more information and contact options.

Infoundation: digital platform for the foundation industry
Infoundation: digital platform for the foundation industry
Infoundation: digital platform for the foundation industry
Infoundation: digital platform for the foundation industry

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